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Aluminum Composite Types

Aluminum composite panel; Although it is a type of plastic, it is formed by covering both surfaces of the materials, also known as polyethylene, with aluminum sheets.

Where is Aluminum Composite Panel Used?
Exterior claddings.
Balcony and interior surface coverings
Signs and directional signs
advertising signs
ceiling coverings
Decoration panel.
Machine shutdown.
Decorative Products.

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Aluminum Joinery Types

It is the process of melting aluminum ingots and turning them into profiles in certain molds, cutting and shaping these profiles by master hands and making finished products.

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Aluminum Profile Types

Today, aluminum joinery is used as a preferred structural element in many areas. One of the biggest features of aluminum material is that it is durable and light. With these features, they do not create much load on buildings. Nowadays, aluminum joinery windows are used extensively in multi-storey buildings because they do not add too much load to the buildings.

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